Part of the "SPOTS" (Sex Pistols On Tour Secretly) tour, this is here more for its historical interest than its quality. At best it's an average recording, but mostly fairly poor. You can tell that behind the many generations of tape-to-tape that led to this tape, there's a pretty decent original recording, which sounds like it's from the audience, but everything seems quite balanced behind the tape hiss. It also doesn't sound like the full set - there's an obvious 'cut' during the crowd noise at one point, plus the Pistols were playing more than 11 songs a night at this time.

01 Anarchy in the UK
02 I Wanna Be Me
03 Seventeen
04 New York
05 EMI
06 Holidays in the Sun
07 No Feeling
08 Problems
09 Pretty Vacant
10 God Save the Queen
11 No Fun

Source: Audience
Quality: Poor to average
Encoding: 192kbps mp3
File size: 59Mb

Download here

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