The original Sex Pistols' penultimate date in the UK, before the ill-fated US tour this isn't the greatest recording (everything's in the mix, but buried beneath a lot of tape hiss), but, like the Doncaster Outlook show (see previous post), historical interest outweighs the sonic deficiencies. There are two versions of this show in circulation - this is the better of the two recordings though it's missing 'Submission' which was played that night and is on the inferior boot.

01 God Save the Queen
02 I Wanna Be Me
03 Seventeen
04 New York
05 EMI
06 Bodies
07 Belsen Was a gas
08 Holidays in the Sun
09 No Feelings
10 Problems
11 God Save the Queen
12 Anarchy in the UK
13 No Fun

Source: Audience
Quality: Average
Encoding: 192kbps mp3
File size: 69Mb

Download here

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