Two excellent FM radio broadcasts, presented together because they were made just eight days apart, both in Europe and they were on the same tape. The Mission were probably in their prime at this point - playing very tight after the best part of a year touring, and before excesses (personal and musical) caused the cracks to form in the band. There was a part of 'Wasteland' on the Gothenburg show, but the DJ started talking over it, and didn't stop, so I left it out. There's a cut in 'Serpents Kiss' from the Tilburg show to remove 90 seconds of very loud radio static, which completely drowned out the song. 'Wake' fades out as the DJ talked over the rest of the song.

Karen, Gothenburg, Sweden, 21st February 1987
01 Tomorrow Never Knows
02 Stay With Me
03 Serpents Kiss
04 Over the Hills and Far Away
05 Sacrilege
06 Blood Brother
07 Garden of Delight
08 Crystal Ocean
09 Shelter From the Storm

Noorderlicht, Tilburg, Holland, 29th February 1987
01 Let Sleeping Dogs Die
02 Serpents Kiss
03 Over the Hills and Far Away
04 Sacrilege
05 Wake

Source: FM radio broadcast
Quality: Excellent
Encoding: 192kbps mp3
File size: 82Mb

Download here

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