Very good audience recording, made when Danielle looked like achieving some proper commercial success with what was to be her last complete album to date 'Blast the Human Flower' from which most of this set is taken. The original tape was a bit muffled, with little top-end, but some work on the levels has made this much crisper and more listenable. Danielle Dax live shows are pretty thin on the ground, and this is one of the better ones.

01 Dead Mans Chill
02 Big Hollow Man
03 Big Blue 82
04 Living and Their Still Born
05 Tomorrow Never Knows
06 The ID Parade
07 Daisy
08 Bayou
09 King Crack
10 Jehova's Precious Stone
11 16 Candles
12 Cathouse

Source: Audience
Quality: Very good
Encoding: 192kbps mp3
File size: 70Mb

Download here

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